Broce 6′ Broom

Broce 6′ Broom

The Broce Curb Sweeper is a special option available on all 4-wheel model Broce Brooms. This attachment has been designed to help clean in places that are tough to reach and are outside the sweeping radius of the main broom core. The Broce Curb Sweeper features a 27” diameter brush, heavy-duty construction, a reversible hydraulic motor and hydraulically operated float and down pressure for heavy sweeping. Our 150 gallon rust proof water spray system consists of a low profile polyethylene tank, 2.1 gpm electric pump, strainer filter and 8 spray nozzles to control excessive dust with the push of a button. This system also includes a back flow valve to prevent tank drainage when not in use.

Weight – 3000 lb
Weight w/ water – 3600
Broom size – 6′
Broom length – 8′
Brush speed – 192 rpm
Broom angle – 40 degrees both ways
Outside turning radius – 10′ 9″
Fuel capacity – 9 gallons


Broce offers a trailing type broom function that allows
full contact with the road surface without manual adjustments.

The brush has hydraulic float plus down pressure for heavy sweeping