Material Handling

Genie 20' Material LiftGenie 20' Material LiftThe Genie® Superlift Advantage™ SLA™-20 lift is a sturdy, manually operated material lift that helps increase productivity and value.
Genie CO2 Super HoistGenie CO2 Super HoistPowered by CO2 or compresses air, the Genie Super Hoist material lifts are lightweight and portable. They can be set up in seconds with no tools. And, They can be easily transported by one person
Genie® Superlift Contractor® SLC™-18Genie® Superlift Contractor® SLC™-18The Genie 18′ Super Lift is ideal for construction firms and all types of contractors, the Genie® Superlift Contractor® SLC™-18 lift can be easily operated by one person to lift, lower and move heavy loads. The captive stabilizer with patented “locking system” comes standard to provide additional lateral support for …
Hilman 5-Ton Toe JacksHilman 5-Ton Toe JacksThe Hilman Toe Jacks allow you to get under and lift equipment with just over 1″ of ground clearance (1.06″ to be exact) and since there are lifting points on both the toe and the top of the jack, these are the perfect complement to Hilman rollers.
Hilman Heavy Machinery RollersHilman Heavy Machinery RollersCapacity- up to 15 ton Swivel Locking Pad top Height- 5 1/8 ” Width- 6 3/8″ Length- 12 3/4″ Weight- 49 lbs
Lectro Truck Stair DollyLectro Truck Stair DollyLectro Truck Stair Climbing System 10″ Extension handle to give the user extra leverage on taller loads Three strong grab points 1500 lb weight capacity Two adjustable strap bars Heavy duty aluminum construction makes the unit lighter
Pallet Jack 6600 lb CapacityPallet Jack 6600 lb CapacitySealed leak-proof Exclusive Endura Pump with hardened chrome piston and ram offers smooth, trouble-free operation. Steel roller chain mechanism opens and closes valve with precision. By-pass valve helps protect against overload. Super-strong, box flanged structurally reinforced tapered forks. Convenient 3-stage (raise, neutral, lower) fingertip control and safety loop handle. Includes …
Pro-Lift A/C LiftPro-Lift A/C LiftPro-Lift is a state of the art air conditioner transport tool. The tool is designed to allow anyone of normal strength to move a 1500 lb air conditioner on a rooftop. The Pro-Lift is a two piece lift designed to make air conditioning transport safer, easier, and less expensive.
Sheetrock DollySheetrock DollyThe DWC-3 cart offers exceptional build quality and performance. Built specifically for drywall applications, the cart will make the job easier and more efficient.
Sumner 12' Material LiftSumner 12' Material LiftGreat all around material lift. For lifting air handlers, ductwork, air condition units. Not  recommended to be used in pairs.
Sumner 15' Heavy Duty Material LiftSumner 15' Heavy Duty Material LiftThe Sumner 15′ Heavy Duty Material Lift is often referred to as vertical or material lift. It affords a safe, cost-effective, and highly-efficient way of lifting and placing loads from one level to another and is built for heavy materials and continuous work.
Sumner Cricket Pipe MoverSumner Cricket Pipe MoverThe Sumner Cricket Pipe Mover is more than just a pipe buggy. It leads the pack with a comprehensive line of jack stand products.  Its features include transport 20′ pipe lengths up to 1,000 lb. Comes with ratchet hold down strap. Weighs only 82lbs. Carries up to 12″ diameter pipe. …