Bandit Self Propelled Stump Grinder

Bandit Self Propelled Stump Grinder

Bandit Self Propelled Stump Grinder is a 4-wheel drive model that is available in both petrol and diesel engines. The engine ranges between 35 and 49 horsepower and boasts an all-terrain capability while still retaining excellent flotation and maneuverability. This makes it a perfect choice for a working on diverse lawns. The wide 50-inch side-to-side grinding swing, a grinding depth of 15 inches and a grinding height of 24 inches, the Model 2550 XP has the versatility to handle both large stumps in land clearing projects and small backyard removals.

The Bandit Self Propelled Stump Grinder’s standard machine-mounted manual controls are intuitive and easy-to-use. The controls come in manual or with wireless radio remote controls including a grading blade option. The cutter wheel is powered by a direct hydrostatic drive which provides a smoother grinding action while eliminating belts, jackshafts, clutches and related components found on other belt-driven stump grinders. This has the effect of significantly reducing maintenance costs and machine downtime. This means more time is devoted to the job at hand. With such versatility and capability, it should come as no surprise that the Bandit Self Propelled Stump Grinder has become a popular tool for stump grinding professionals.

• Swing-out operator’s control station
• Deep chip containment
• Lockable filter caps

Weight – 1500 lbs


Professional grade
Self propelled, hydrostatic drive
27 Horsepower Gas engine

50″ Swing arc
14″ Cutting depth