U Cart Concrete

U-Cart Concrete allows you to haul from 1/4 yard up to 2 yards of concrete in a trailer to your job site. For those jobs requiring smaller amounts when a concrete truck is too much, U-Cart concrete Save short-load fees and reduce labor on small concrete projects. Ideal for pouring sidewalks, patios, landscape projects, manhole casings, and curbs. Aztec U-Cart Concrete gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace.


  • Concrete cannot stay in the trailer for extended periods of time. Allocate yourself about 45 minutes to empty the trailer, from the time you leave our plant
  • Trailers are not designed to tow more than 35 miles per hour. DO NOT tow on  freeways
  • Trailers must be  washed out prior to return.
  • Hitches and trailer balls are available for sale at the rental counter.
  • Concrete sold in 1/4 yard increments up to 2 yards at at time

Quantity Needed
* 1 cubic yard will cover
Thickness Square Feet
2 1/2″                            130
3″                                   108
3 1/2″                            93
4″                                    81
5″                                    65
6″                                    54