Rental Procedures
What is the process when I arrive to rent at Aztec Rental Services.

All rental transactions are handled at the front counter. After receiving your completed rental contract you will be directed to the proper area to pick up your item. After loading, you will retain your rental contract to expedite your check in later.

Do I have to stop by the counter when I return equipment?

Absolutely. When you arrive at our rental facility drive to the same area as when the equipment was picked up. After unloading you will receive a return ticket that must be taken to the front counter.Equipment is not considered checked in until you receive a “RETURNED” copy from the rental counter.

Rental Requirements
Do you charge a security deposit?

In most cases we only charge the rental in advance with proper local identification. Some items require a cleaning deposit.

When do I pay for my rental?

All rental is due in advance unless an open charge account is established prior to your rental.

What methods of payment does Aztec Rental Services accept.

We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card,or American Express.