Lectro Truck Stair Dolly

Lectro Truck Stair Dolly

Need to move heavy loads up and down a flight of stairs? The Lectro-Truck is capable of handling and moving heavy loads that previously required two or more persons. It’s extremely efficient and is battery powered, motor-driven and specially designed with an inner and outer frame. The key to Lectro-Truck’s operation is finding the leverage and balance point and using the proper sequence when moving your load. If the “Load-Down/Wheels Up” switch is energized, your load will move downward toward the wheels. Conversely, if the “Load-Up/Wheels Down” switch is energized, the load is moved upward toward the operator. By alternating the load down and load up sequence, the operator will soon find the ease with which Lectro-Truck can overcome vertical barriers such as stairs and curbs.


Lectro Truck Stair Climbing System

10″ Extension handle to give the user extra leverage on taller loads
Three strong grab points
1500 lb weight capacity
Two adjustable strap bars
Heavy duty aluminum construction makes the unit lighter

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