Gas Powered Roof Spud Machine

Gas Powered Roof Spud Machine

The Roofmaster 10.5 HP SuperScratcher / Gas Powered Roof Spud Machine features single lever adjustable cutting height, inset rear wheel for close-up work, pulley enclosed in safety shroud and 8×2.50 semi-pneumatic tires. 12″ solid steel flywheel with four carbide-tipped scratcher teeth will spud a 12″ path to within 1″ of walls, up to 10 squares per hour. 10.5 hp I/C syncro-balanced engine with double belts and pulleys. Additional features include:

  • Item #: 490180
  • Item Desc: Roofmaster 10.5 HP SuperScratcher
  • Weight: 225.
  • Price Um: Each

    Price Um: Each

  • Units/Pk: 1

Weight – 200 lbs


11 H.P. Gas Engine
12″ Solid steel flywheel
Four Carbide tipped cutting blades
Adjustable cutting height