Dry Vapor Steam Generator

Dry Vapor Steam Generator

This Peregrine allows the operator to make one pass to clean, sanitize and remove the resulting lifted soil and dead germs. It comes with a complete professional grade tool kit so you are prepared for any application or requirement.

The 1800 SV is ideal for ANY application where there is a need to remove tough soils, greases and biological contaminants safely and efficiently. Food Manufacturers use this unit for quick clean-up of small production equipment. Food service applications use it to deep clean their kitchens and to degrease the floors rather than use chemicals, hot water and mops. Industrial customers use this Peregrine in all types of applications as it tackles the worst soils and grease in ½ the time of conventional methods.

The Peregrine 1800SV is also the basis of our industry leading restroom cleaning platform. For years the best technology was to saturate the restroom with chemicals and pressurized water. While effective, this method leads to excessive downtime, a requirement to remove large amounts of tramp water and wet fixtures and surfaces that the customer doesn’t want to touch. Today, many bathrooms have moved away from tile walls that allow the use of this equipment in favor of less expensive dry wall.

Mix the large quantities of water this type of cleaning produces and drywall type construction and you get a real mess on your hands. The Peregrine Restroom cleaner eliminates these problems and allows you to provide a clean, dry environment for your customers as soon as you leave the area. Try the Peregrine Restroom kit and see your restroom complaints evaporate like dry vapor steam in minutes

Power Requirements- 120V, 60 Hz
Output- 1800 watts
Maximum Temperature- 338 F.
Maximum Pressure- 117 psi
Vacuum Type- Standard wet/dry
Weight- 70 lbs
Dimensions- 29″ x 15″ x 37″


The Peregrine 1800SV represents the state of the art technology
in new generation dry vapor steam generators.

The 1800SV combines the most powerful patented boiler system
(Intelligent Boiler Technology) with a commercial grade vacuum.

This machine goes everywhere, does everything asked of it
and comes back for more the next day.