50 KW Trailer Mounted Generator

50 KW Trailer Mounted Generator

The 50 KW MultiQuip power WhisperWatt Ultra-Silent Generators are synonymous with quality and reliability. It is ideal for work at construction sites, entertainment venues, and sporting events. The generators can power hospitals, schools, and movie sets, and assist in disaster recovery operations. And with our world-class engineering capabilities, we can customize any oil and gas exploration solution to fit a specific need.

Prime Rating- 56 kw
Generator RPM- 1800
Voltage- Three Phase- 208,220,240,416,480V Switchable
Voltage- Single Phase- 120,127,139,240,277 Switchable
Fuel Tank capacity-39.6 Gal




MultiQuip power WhisperWatt Ultra Silent Generators give you reliability while achieving sound levels that are 11 percent quieter.