12′ Hydraulic Dump Trailer

12′ Hydraulic Dump Trailer

The T-10HD | 12HD | 14HD 12′ Hydraulic Dump Trailers are perfect for hauling your skid-loader to the job site. They can carry dirt, sand, and debris. Towmaster’s  T-HD trailers features a power-up/gravity-down hydraulic hoist, stake pockets and D-ring tie-downs, three-way double doors rear gate, and storable ramps. The tarp securement rods are standard. A poly box houses the self-contained hydraulic system; power from the vehicle is not required. Pallet fork holders and other options available.

Carrying capacity – 6000 lbs
Deck height – 25″
Box width – 82″
Box length – 12′
Spring suspension
Three way double door rear gate



This 12′ hydraulic dump trailer is ideal for hauling your skid steer to the job site,
carrying dirt, mulch or sand, then hauling your skid steer back to the yard.

Power up, gravity down hydraulic hoist, stake pockets and D ring tie downs,
three way double doors rear gate.