Traffic Line Remover

Traffic Line Remover

The powerful SMITH LNX8™ Traffic Line Remover has a rotary style pavement eradication system that takes the best qualities from the Linax, TLR7 and PM ERASER models and incorporates them into a versatile, full-featured, all-powerful removing machine! Designed to remove from 1” to over 24” wide markings with a unique swivel wheel sweeping removal method pattern, the LNX8 feathers the substrate edges to eliminate the grooving pattern or “ghost line”. Select your style of removal tool: From our gentle action set of 3 steel pin cutters, to our aggressive, 72 pin tungsten carbide, or our NEW gentle abrading, 144 pin tungsten carbide pin cutter set, diamond cup blades, mini bits and more. It guarantees years of satisfying service when your machine is properly used and maintained.

Removal- up to 8 in. wide, 1/4 in depth pass
Unit weight- 415 lbs.
Unit dimensions- 47″ L x 31″ W x 40″ H


The SMITH LNX8™ Traffic Line Remover eliminates the grooving pattern or ghost line normally associated with the flail cutter drum-style machines that rely solely on scraping or striking. Thermoplastic, cold-plastic, epoxy or paint coatings are erased by the LNX8 breaking the coating and scraping across it simultaneously, leaving a smoothed beveled edge without grooves or undulations on concrete or asphalt. Easy to operate, walk-behind or optional ride-on rotary no-groove eraser offering 10 styles of erasing and removal tools to finish fast. No-vibration spindle mount with adjustable height, pitch and pressure controls with optional multiple ganged side-mounted removable weight ballasts with cradle dampener for best surface finishes and service-life. Optional convenience swing style rear and front handles, electric start and maintenance-free bearing cutter and drive system maximizes productivity, and reduces operational costs when added to the machine

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