Electric Hydrostatic Test Pump

Electric Hydrostatic Test Pump

This Electric Hydrostatic Test Pump boasts low volume high-pressure hydrostatic test pumps that come  with flow rates of up to 5 GPM, and pressures up to 1800 PSI. It’s designed for testing sprinkler systems, irrigation lines, pressure vessels, small diameter water lines and much more. Main models:

EL1 Hydrostatic Test Pump 3 GPM up to 300 PSI, pressure testing. The Hydrostatic Test Pump, designed for testing small diameter water lines. Triplex Plunger, 1/2 HP 60 HZ Electric Motor. EL1, 3 GPM up to 300 PSI

3 GPM up to 300 PSI
1/2 HP Electric Motor, TEFC, 110/220 Volt, 60 HZ
Automatic Pressure regulator with inlet bypass
Stainless Steel liquid-filled gauge ensures accurate readings
Rugged roll cage construction, protects pump from damage
1 Year Warranty from Manufacture Defect
Pump weight: 58 Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 14 Shipping weight: 60 pounds
EL2 Hydrostatic Test Pump 1.5 GPM up to 1000 PSI, pressure testing



Rice Hydro EL1A
3 GPM, up to 500 PSI
110 Volt Electric Motor

Overall weight – 74 lbs
Dimensions – 22″ x 14″ x 14″