Gas Powered Posthole Digger

Gas Powered Posthole Digger

The Gas Powered Posthole Digger is the way to dig holes fast!  This one-man drilling tool is both safe and productive. It also saves time by drilling incredibly fast. The motor operates at 360 RPM’s which is relatively faster than the competition. Not only does this increase your drilling productivity, it also results in cleaner holes. One great benefit of the  Gas Powered Posthole Digger is its ability to gets into areas that are inaccessible to skid-steer loaders. When traveling over manicured turf areas, the easy rolling wheeled carriage leaves no marks, eliminating costly turf restoration costs.

8 H.P. Honda Engine
Overall Weight- 167 Lbs
7′ Flex Shaft
10:1 Gear Reduction


Little Beaver Model MDL-8Hrz

Highspeed Auger Rotation digs holes quickly And cleanly
Provided Torque Tube enables torque free digging and eliminates kick back

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