Bandit HB Stump Gringer

Bandit HB Stump Gringer

Bandit HB Stump Grinder is one of the most popular handlebar stump grinders in the Bandit’s line. It features a unique center-pivot design that takes the work out of using a handlebar stump grinder. The self-propelled 25 horsepower engine with a 15-inch diameter Bandit Revolution® cutter wheel, makes the model particularly easy to use and effective on small and even medium-sized stumps. This has endeared it to many in small stump grinder business.

Width – 30″
Weight – 400 lbs


The Bandit HB Stump Gringer is lightweight and compact which makes it ideal for backyard applications. It’s powered by a 14 horsehorsepowerengine

14″ Diameter cutter wheel
Cutting height up to 24″
Cutting depth 22″