Carpet Extractor Cleaning Machine

Carpet Extractor Cleaning Machine

Thermax Carpet Extractor Cleaning Machine is an industry leader in the world of auto detailing and interior cleaning. It’s built to endure the most demanding car interior extractor cleaning services you can ever imagine From food stains, general dirt and grit, drink spills, sand, you name it, this unit handles it all. Need to deal with persistent pet odors? The Thermax Carpet Extractor Cleaning Machine is up to the task.

The Thermax Carpet Extractor Cleaning Machine is designed to attain the highest level of professional cleaning results. Whether you are mobile auto detailer or you have a fixed location, you’ll have your customers raving about its performance. It includes the 15’ solution Hide-A-Hose which attached inside the 15’ vacuum hose eliminating the chance of the hose burning the operator using it. It also comes with a 12 gallon unit that keeps your extractor running efficiently every time you use it. Other features include:

  • Includes a 15’ Hide-A-Hose with built on stainless steel detailer carpet & upholstery tool.
  • Powerful two-stage vacuum motor for increased recovery speed and quicker drying time (112″ water lift).
  • Built-in 1800 watt solution heating system for uniform temperature control (up to 175°).


Thermax quality
Commercial grade carpet extraction system

Thermostatically controlled heating system
Powerful 2-stage vacuum motor for rapid water recovery
3 Gallon hygienic stainless steel solution and recovery tank