8″ Drum Floor Sander

8″ Drum Floor Sander

8″ Drum Floor Sander, which is operated in a standing position is a popular drum sander for the majority of flooring contractors. The edger is used for sanding around the edges of a room as well as for areas that are too shallow to use the drum (for example, hallways where the floorboards run across the width of the hall). Even though these two machines differ greatly in size, their power is well-matched, and both remove the same depth of wood when using the same grit. However, they both sand in very different ways and each machine requires that you use a distinct sanding pattern. Before we explain how to operate these machines, you need to know the patterns that each machine will follow.

Width – 12.1″
Height – 37″
Length – 33.6″ with handle


Sand paper available in various grits, call our sales counter for details



This unit is professional grade for use in virtually any wood floor sanding application.
As with any equipment, the safe use and proper application is solely the customers responsibility.

3000 RPM Single speed
100 Volt