Kubota KX71 Mini Excavator

Kubota KX71 Mini Excavator

The Kubota KX71 Mini Excavator lets you tackle groundbreaking tasks.It’s engineered solid to give you the deepest digging depth and highest power in its class. It comes with outstanding maneuverability, operational performance, operator comfort, ease of servicing, durability, and reliability are the deciding factors, the KX71-3S compact excavator is the answer. The Kubota KX71 Mini Excavator also comes packed with a host of features that deliver efficient and reliable performance, the advantage is yours when you’re taking care of business. The Kubota KX71-3S – it’s stronger to make your professional excavating jobs easier.

Operating weight – 6550 lbs
Overall length – 14′ 11″
Overall height – 8′
Overall width – 4′ 11″
Maximum digging height – 10′ 5″
Max digging depth – 9′ 9″
Max vertical digging depth – 6′ 5″
Maxi turning radius – 6′ 4″



Clean running Kubota engine, low noise and vibration, simple operation

Rubber Tracks
Minimum ground clearance – 11″