36″ Porta Cool Fan

36″ Porta Cool Fan

The PORT-A-COOL® unit is a fully self-contained, portable, high-efficiency evaporative cooler that is proudly made in America at our factory located in Center, Texas. How is cooling produced? In order to evaporate water, heat (energy) is required. In fact, the evaporation of one gallon of water requires almost 8,700 BTU’s. Where does this heat come from? The heat comes from whatever the water is in contact with as it evaporates. This could be a hot sidewalk, your body, a tree, or from the air itself. As the heat is removed from an object, the temperature of that object is decreased. In the case of the PORT-A-COOL® unit, heat is removed from the air, reducing the temperature of the air. It is important to realize that the temperature of the water does not have a great effect on the cooling produced by the evaporation. If you were to place a gallon of 50˚F water on a warm sidewalk, it would consume 9,000 BTU’s during its evaporation, thus making the sidewalk 9,000 BTU’s cooler. A gallon of 90˚F water would
produce 8,700 BTU’s of cooling, only a 3 percent difference in the total result. This translates into a difference of less than 1˚ F in the performance of a PORT-A-COOL® unit.

Dimensions – 67″ H X 62″ W X 32″ D
Reservoir Capacity – 32 gallons
Unit Weight – 200 lbs
Box size – 68″ H X 64″ W X 33″ D


This High-Performance Port-A-Cool® model produces 10,100 CFM air delivery for maximum
cooling efficiency with a variable fan speed control for precise airflow settings
to ensure convenience and comfort in areas up to 2,650 sq.ft.

The fan and pump operate with minimum noise, featuring whisper-quiet operation
to avoid distraction while in use.