1″ Air Impact Wrench

1″ Air Impact Wrench

The 1″ Air Impact Wrench allows for effective tightening and loosening of fasteners or screws, size M14 to M36 in mass-production environments, which demand high performance, utmost reliability and operational efficiency. Our power tools have comaxit layer on their surfaces – for a long lifespan, they can make your job so much easier – in all automotive and machine-production areas, in hand-crafted metal production or in general tire services. Pneumatic impact wrenches are ideal for softer joints when a high level of accuracy is needed.

Overall Length- 20.1″
Average CFM- 10
Weight- 27.8
PSI- 90
Free Speed (RPM)- 5000
Driver Size- 1″
Max Torque FT/LBS- 1475

Air Inlett- 3/4″ Crowfoot
Impacts per minute- 700


The 1″ Air Impact Wrench Industrial air impact wrench is ideal for the most demanding fabrication requirements – in all automotive and machine-production areas. It combines exceptional power, control, and durability and it delivers 1,770 ft-lb (2400 Nm) of maximum torque, with a 5,250 rpm free speed @ 120 psi (8.3 bar) and features a high-efficiency 6-vane motor. This provides maximum maneuverability.

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