JLG 2030 ES Scissor Lift

JLG 2030 ES Scissor Lift

The JLG 2030 Electrical Scissor Lift

  • Smooth control, proportional drive, lift and lower.
  • Long battery duty cycles, drive at full elevation for 18 hours.
  • 76cm wide chassis allows drive through a standard 81cm door
  • Fold-down rails allows drive through standard 203cm door
  • Extension platform has fold-down rails
  • Non-marking solid tires with tight turning circle, zero inside turning radius
  • Constant traction control with quiet electric front wheel drive for 25 percent gradeability
  • Removable/Interchangeable control box with all other ES scissors
  • Weatherproof Inverter style battery charger, can use long extension lead. Ideal for multi-shift applications
  • Wide scissor stack provides rigidity and stability
  • Pothole protection prevents elevated drive
  • Multi-axis 3-degree level sensor with a lateral slope range of 3 degrees at base to 2 degrees fully elevated
    Diagnostic Battery Meter at base or JLG analyzer indicates system functions for servicing and adjustment

– 6.1 meter (20ft) platform height
– Up to 360 kg lift capacity
– 230 cm x 76 cm aluminum platform with steel handrails
– 110 cm aluminium extension deck with steel handrailsFEATURES
– Folding rails with half height swing gate
– Dual front wheel electric drive
-Quieter, cleaner operation for a variety of environments
-Tight turning radius for great maneuverability


Platform Height Elevated 20′
Overall Width 30″

Battery powered
Platform Capacity 800lb